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About Cullivan Landscape Construction...

With a strong backround in excavation Cullivan Landscape Construction has the ability to take on large projects but still takes on the smaller jobs that helped build this company. In 2003 while working fulltime in the excavation business we began doing side work on weekends. The excavation business taught us how to calculate materials, run heavy equipment, manage a crew, and most importantly: how to get the job done right. For the first few years we did small jobs such as clean ups, mulching, and plantings. We began to take on more complex jobs from laying sod to building retaining walls. Ultimately we realized we wanted to be able to serve our customers with all of their landscaping needs. We purchased a trailer and a commercial lawn mower and began offering weekly mowing and full service lawn care. The word spread quick as our client list grew. Not long after we began offering weekly services Cullivan Landscape Construction became a full time operation. Over the years we have had to add a few pieces to the puzzle to keep up with the demand of our growing business. Going forward we are excited to continue looking for ways to serve our customers.  

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